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Madeira Classica - Hardwood Floors


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Flooring specialists in the northern suburbs of Cape Town

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Welcome to the heart of hardwood floors

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Flooring has been turned into an art by Madeira Classica.  We are a dynamic young business that is very quickly becoming the preferred solution for anybody that wants timeless quality, be it in their home or office.  

Our floors are delivered and installed with careful consideration to the needs of our customers and an inflexible standard of quality.  We maintain these standards and continually look for ways to improve.  Introducing new products is just one of the many things we do.

Bamboo flooring is quickly becoming very popular and proving itself to be a first-class modern alternative to wood.  Madeira Classica is at the forefront of introducing and delivering this innovative product to Cape Town and the rest of South Africa. Bamboo floors have numerous qualities that make it an excellent substitute for hardwood floors.

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Wood just shows that man could never accomplish the beauty, elegance and timeless quality effortlessly produced by nature.  There is something romantic about hardwood floors that cannot be described in words. If it is a solid wood floor that you want then you’ve come to the right place.  Our wide variety of timber floors will satisfy any taste.  We also have less expensive alternatives to our solid wooden floors.

Laminated flooring has taken the world by storm and has continued to grow from strength to strength.  Now everybody can have the look of a wooden floor at a fraction of the price.  These floors are quick to install and easy to maintain.  Consumers are spoilt for choice with a wide variety of colour, style, price & quality.  We have carefully selected a range of quality products to suite every need.

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Installation is the most important part of any floor.   The quality of the installation can be the difference between a lifelong investment and lifelong headache.

Contact us to find your dream floor. We will assist you from start to finish and ensure a pleasurable experience.  So why not let us enchant you with our timeless flooring?

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